Solidarity Links

GSC wants to support the establishment of solidarity links as a practical form of solidarity, building support for those opposing austerity in Greece.  

The GSC can support and facilitate trade unions, other organisations and groups to organise their own solidarity links with counterpart trade unions and solidarity social structures in Greece. 

To discuss proposals contact the Greece Solidarity Campaign.

PCS sends solidarity to workers in Greece

The PCS Union’s press officer, Richard Simcox, joined a Public Services International delegation of trade unionist jouranlists visiting Greece in November 2013. They were the last to interview media workers inside the ERT public broadcasting centre before riot police brought their five month occupation to an end. They visited workplaces and trade union offices and heard campaigners using the experience of the privatisation of water in the UK in their campaign to stop the selling off of Greek water.  The highlights, videos and tweets of the visit can be seen here