Affiliated Organisations

National Trade Unions and Organisations


ASLEF Women’s Representation Commitee

ATL – Association of Teachers and Lecturers

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

National Union of Teachers (NUT)



UCU – University and College Union

Unite the Union

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Labour Representation Committee (LRC)


The People’s Assembly

Socialist Resistance

Left Unity

Anti-Fascist Action for Greece

Regional and local branches and organisations

South East Regional Trades Union Council

ASLEF District Council 6

ASLEF – Northern Line North Branch

ASLEF – St Pancras 199 Branch

Communication Workers Union (CWU) – Central London Combined branch

CWU – Western Counties Branch

NUT – Birmingham

NUT – Cambridgshire

NUT – Camden

NUT – Croydon Branch

NUT – Redbridge

NUT – Retired Teachers

PCS IPS North West branch

TSSA South East Metro Branch

TSSA TFL Central Branch

TSSA East of Scotland Network Rail

TSSA Underground Ops Managers Branch

UCU London Region

Unison – Brighton & Hove Branch

Unison – Hampshire

Unison – Housing Associations Branch

Unison – Islington Branch

Unison -Community & Voluntary Organisations Branch

Unison – Lambeth Branch

Unison – Leeds and York Community Health

Unison – Salford City

Unison – Tower Hamlets

Unison – Transport for Greater Manchester 06393 Branch

Unison – Wolverhampton General Branch 12344

Unite the Union – Central London Branch LE524

Unite the Union – City of London Branch

Unite the Union – Crystal Palace and Croydon branch

Unite the Union – Glasgow and Central Branch

Unite the Union – Glasgow and Renfrew Community Youth Work: Not for Profit Branch

Unite the Union – Glossop

Unite the Union – Justice for Cleaners Branch LE2007

Unite the Union – LE0032M Kings College London Branch

Unite the Union – Merseyside Finance Branch

Unite the Union – Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch NE 408/2

Unite the Union – Lewisham Local Government Branch

Unite the Union – London Central Cab Section LE 230

Unite the Union -London North West Branch 9708

Unite the Union – Parliamentary Staff Branch

Unite the Union – Stockport Branch 0877

Unite the Union – West London Medical branch

Unite the Union – Branch LE7055E

Barnet Trades Council

Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council

Brighton and Hove TUC

Camden Trades Council

Ealing Borough Trades Council

Hull and District TUC

Ipswich and District TUC

Kensington and Chelsea TUC

Leeds TUC

Lincoln and District TUC

Medway Trades Council

Peterborough Trades Council

Redbridge Trades Council

Lewisham People before Profit

Hackney Co-op Branch

Dalston Branch Labour Party

Hackney North and Stoke Newington Labour Party

Tower Hamlets Coop Party

Tower Hamlets Labour Party

European Research and Information Service, Hampshire

Suffolk People’s Assembly

York People’s Assembly

Green Party – Norwich Branch

Left Unity Glasgow South

Left Unity Dorset

Left Unity West London

Left Unity York