Solidarity Tourism

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The Greek people need your solidarity tourism and they will give you a warm welcome. The weather is stunning, the sandy beaches are plentiful, food is exquisite, the archeology is of the finest in the world, prices are cheaper than ever.

Take cash euros with you and spend at local businesses rather than international companies.  Buy from Greek producers, such as Apivita, Fisika, Korres, drink Mythos, Fix or Vergina, buy Greek olives.

Here are some ideas for your holiday in Greece:

Want to help Greece? Go there on holiday ( Guardian)

Paul Mason: Anarchist theatre and wild horses: how to have a Greek solidarity holiday (Guardian)

Holiday ideas in Greece: readers’ travel tips (Guardian)

Going to Greece: a guide to the country, its islands and the best deals  (Guardian)



3 Responses to Solidarity Tourism

  1. Vera Santana says:

    I can work with you, I´m a sociologist and a psychologist. I speak french, english, portuguese, spanish and I understand italian. I was a university teacher and I´m a researcher. I don´t speak greek but I´d like to learn it. I´m a quick learner.

    All I need is a place to stay.

    Vera Santana

  2. Lauren Collins says:

    Hi there
    Please could you let me know if/when any solidarity tours are organised for 2016.


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