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The significance of the Golden dawn trial

GSC co-chair Cllr Isidoros Diakides takes a brief look at the background to this marathon trial of Greek neo-nazis and draws out some of the implications of the guilty verdicts This was a marathon saga, that took five and a … Continue reading

Solidarity statement about the Golden Dawn trial

Please add your name to our statement here. GSC letter – full list of signatories – updated 10am, 07/10/2020 On Wednesday 7th October the five and a half year trial of the Greek neo-nazi organisation Golden Dawn is expected to conclude. … Continue reading

Never Again! Marking 50 years since the Military Coup in Greece & Celebrating its Overthrow

The Greece Solidarity Campaign and Anti-Fascist Action for Greece invite you to: Speakers from Greece and from those who occupied the London Greek Embassy in solidarity with the Greek resistance to the military coup. The Theodorakis songs banned under the … Continue reading

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas: a political anatomy

      It is two years since the murder of the Greek antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. A detailed account and political analysis of the crime and the neo-Nazi organisation behind it, Golden Dawn, has been written by Thanasis Kampagiannis, one of … Continue reading

Mass anti-fascist action as Trial of 69 neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members starts.

On Monday April 20th in Athens the most important trial of fascist criminality since Nuremberg starts. The  article  below explains its significance. In London on Sunday April 19th there will a Jail Golden Dawn rally in Trafalgar Square 3pm. The Time … Continue reading

Golden Dawn describes Hitler as ‘a great personality’

The Greek party Golden Dawn has described Hitler as ‘a great personlity’ cementing the party’s credentials as a neo Nazi force.  ( For full article see The Guardian Helena Smith April 16th 2014) In a rare interview with a foreign … Continue reading

Golden Dawn photos show its Nazi face

A hoard of 14000 photos and 900 video clips discovered on the confiscated computers and mobile phones of 2 Golden Dawn MPs and a leader of a local Golden Dawn branch have been handed by police to the public prosecutor, … Continue reading

Picket to support three Greek socialists in court for defamation December 11th 1pm

‘On 12 December three members of SEK are to appear in court accused of “defamation” by a lawyer who is in the payroll of a Nazi Golden Dawn MP’, the on-line appeal for solidarity states.  ‘Katerina Thoidou, journalist, Tasos Anastasiades, publisher … Continue reading

For a European antifascist movement before it is too late…

  Monday 14 October 2013, by Yorgos Mitralias The launching press conference of the Greek Committee of the European Antifascist Initiative took place on Thursday 10 October 2013 at the conference hall of the Greek Journalists’ Union. The panel included … Continue reading

Golden Dawn or Golden Twilight?

By Andrew Burgin The arrests of Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos and other members on charges of heading a criminal organisation marks the first serious attempt by the Greek ruling class to crack down on the murderous activities of the … Continue reading