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Athens arts scene flourishes in midst of economic crisis

By Rachel Cloughton Art collectives, touring exhibitions and pop-ups are thriving in the tough economic climate Despite the economic crisis in Greece– or perhaps because of it – the art scene in Athens is flourishing. The city is seeing a … Continue reading

The women Greece blames for its HIV crisis

By Charlotte Mcdonald-Gibson   Prostitutes have been rounded up and jailed as new cases soar The women glare into the camera, their humiliated, pale faces smeared with make-up and tears. Glazed eyes stare out under lurid headlines warning of “the … Continue reading

Hellenic Steel strikers clash with police

Clashes broke out early Friday morning between police and protesting Hellenic Steel Industry (Elliniki Halyvourgia) workers at the industry’s Aspropyrgos plant. The gate of the unit reopened at 5.30am, after nine months of workers’ strike, on orders of the prosecutor … Continue reading

In Athens – Richard Clogg

By Richard Clogg   On 26 April 1941, the day before the German army raised the swastika over the Acropolis, Homer Davis, president of Athens College, was entrusted by the Greek War Relief Association with changing two million dollars into … Continue reading

Samaras Tells Ministers: Find $14 Billion in Cuts or I Will

By Andy Dabilis     ATHENS – With his Cabinet members reluctant to make deep cuts needed to satisfy international lenders who want Greece’s government to slash spending by $14 billion, new Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has told them that … Continue reading

Report on the Greek Left

By The Real News   Leo Panitch: Recently returned from Greece, a report on Syriza, the left party that could win the next election More at The Real News  

A Greek tragedy – Medhi Hasan

By Medhi Hasan   The sense of powerlessness, of being bossed around by bigger and richer neighbours has emboldened Greece’s far right. “Insanity,” Albert Einstein is said to have once remarked, “is doing the same thing over and over again … Continue reading

Action for ESOL supporters: Condemn Ed Miliband’s speech on immigration – petition

Statement from Action for ESOL on Miliband’s Speech SIGN THE PETITION HERE As ESOL teachers, students and supporters we feel the impact of every Government’s immigration agenda. We oppose the division of workers and celebrate diversity. Across the UK, ordinary … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity Campaign Update 5

GSC UPDATE 5 – (7 July 2012) 1.  Cameron plans to keep out Greeks – not in our name!   According to The Guardian (4.7.12), “David Cameron is prepared to over-ride Britain’s historic obligations under EU treaties and impose stringent … Continue reading

Why are you afraid of the Greeks, Mr Cameron?

By Nick Malkoutzis   British Prime Minister David Cameron is a worried man these days. He has every right to be. An opinion poll earlier this month gave the Labour Party a 14-point lead over the Conservatives, the largest for … Continue reading