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Austerity is wreaking havoc, but the left can unite to build a better Europe

Zealots for neoliberalism have created a humanitarian tragedy across the continent. It is our destiny to fight back.      ALEXIS TSIPRAS                                                          The Guardian November 27, 2013 More than 1,000 young people a day are joining the ranks of Europe‘s unemployed. In … Continue reading

Call for Thanasis Kourkoulas, of “Expel Racism” Greece, to be aquitted.

We demand that Thanasis Kourkoulas, member of “Expel Racism” Organization – Greece, be aquitted. The criminalization of antiracist and antifascist action must not be allowed to happen. On 16th December 2013, Thanasis Kourkoulas, member of “Expel Racism” movement and militant … Continue reading

The struggle in Greek Universities needs all the support and solidarity it can get!

At this moment, we are at a crucial stage of the struggle. It is not only a struggle against lay-offs. It is a struggle to defend Public Higher Education as a social right against privatization and commodification. It is a … Continue reading

GSC UPDATE 20 (12 November 2013)

     THE CONTINUING SAGA OF THE ERT CLOSURE The sudden (and almost certainly unconstitutional) closure of Greece’s national broadcaster ERT (equivalent of our BBC) a few months ago and the sacking of thousands of its workers, had drawn worldwide condemnation, … Continue reading

“I strongly believe that the people and the working class of Europe have to build a broad front against the economic war that neo-liberalism has launched”

Speech of Syriza Member of the Greek Parliament Theano Fotiou at the GSC and FBU fringe meeting at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Bournemouth, UK Monday 9 September 2013. Theano, a former University Professor, was an official guest of … Continue reading

The state of the Greek health service and the humanitarian crisis in Greece 2013.

Speech by Jane Beach,Unite the Union official Health sector, at the South East Regional TUC briefing for trade unionists on Politics in Greece, 24 October 2013, following her visit to Greece with the GSC.  I’d like to share with you … Continue reading

World Aids Day Screening of ‘ Ruins – Story of a HIV Witch hunt’ November 29th 2013

  This ground breaking documentary by Greek film director, Zoe Mavroudi, on a witch hunt of HIV and women in Greece last year is being screened by the London & Eastern regional LGBT and Women’s Committees of UNITE the Union … Continue reading

International Day of Solidarity with the Greek people November 9th. Break the handcuffs on Democracy and Freedom!

        There will be a London Solidarity Rally on Saturday 9th November  13.00 at Trafalgar Square. At 4.20 am on Thursday 7th November 2013 police raided the building of ERT – the Greek public broadcaster – which its … Continue reading

Special Police invade ERT public broadcasters

ERT, the Greek public broadcaster which the Government closed down in June and which has been occupied since then, was transmitting until the morning of November 7th, when riot police invaded it and expelled the broadcasters, journalists and other workers. Hundreds of … Continue reading

Statement of support and solidarity for Greek public and private sector trades unions in their General Strike 6 November 2013

As members of the Greece Solidarity Campaign delegation which visited and met with leading and grass-roots trade unionists, social pharmacy and social solidarity centre organisers, municipal activists, university staffs, peace campaigners and political figures resisting austerity in the Athens area … Continue reading