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Greece and the Economic Challenges Ahead: A Conversation with Greek Opposition Leader Alexis Tsipras

On January 22, Global Economy and Development at Brookings hosted Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Greek opposition, for a conversation about Greece and the economic challenges ahead. Tsipras’ remarks touched on themes including: economic and social prospects for his own … Continue reading


Theodorakis Speech | Part 1 (transcription)

From the era of the revolution in 1921, the problem of foreign occupation became an undisputed organic part of our national life. It entered the life of the young Greek nation, changing all of its forms and functions and teaching … Continue reading

Solidarity with refugees in Greece | Jan 25

Dear Friends, Please join us in this meeting outside the: Greek Embassy: Friday 25th January 2013. 10am-12pm. 1A Holland Park Road, London, W11 3TP, United Kingdom Nearest Tube Station: Holland Park Station Buses: 31, 94, 148, 228 Please have a … Continue reading

To the Crucible: An Irish Engagement with the Greek Crisis and the Greek Left

A Greek tragedy A monumental drama is playing out before our eyes. It is a true Greek tragedy.  The plot: A society is being pushed to its limits. The denouement is not yet determined, but survival is at stake and prospects … Continue reading

Can the Left Save Greece?

By Yiannis Milios and Yiannis Baboulias For the fifth consecutive year, Greece is mired in deep, morale-shattering recession. In those five years the country’s GDP has plummeted by nearly 20%, and few expect 2013 to bring an improvement. The crisis … Continue reading

Antifascist demos at the Greek embassies everywhere | Jan 19

Many groups, organisations and networks are coming together in Athens and call for an International day of action against Golden Dawn and the fascists in Greece. Here is the greek initial Declaration for 19 January: 19January in London: … Continue reading

Joseph Stiglitz rings alarm bell over austerity

By Tom Ellis Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz rings the alarm bells in an interview with Kathimerini over austerity measures that are driving Europe into a spiral of ever-deepening recession. He says that a debt haircut is crucial for Greece, … Continue reading