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Annual General Meeting of Greece Solidarity Campaign October 2015

Report by Cllr Isidoros Diakides, Co-Chair GSC, October TAKING STOCK – GREECE AT THE CROSSROADS This was another roller-coaster year. Once more, as we have come to expect, our Greek comrades never let us down when it comes to adrenalin pumping … Continue reading

“We can’t take this anymore!” General Strike against Severe Austerity Measures.

                          A General Strike is taking place across Greece today November 12th. It is the first General Strike since the signing of the 3rd Memorandum agreement with the … Continue reading

Mass Petition to Cancel Greek Debt presented in Brussels.

   Over 100,000 people signed the Europe-wide petition calling for the cancellation of the Greek debt which was presented to Thomas Wieser, Chair of the Eurogroup Working Group in Brussels on November 4th 2015  The representatives of Jubilee Debt Campaign and … Continue reading