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GSC update 15 (18 Feb 2013)

GSC UPDATE 15  (18 February 2013) ~ please forward to friends and comrades ~   This newsletter describes the effects of austerity measures that Greek people are enduring and resisting. You may be able to help by affiliating yourself or … Continue reading

LGBT history month – solidarity with Greece

The South East Regional TUC LGBT network and the UNITE London & Eastern Region LGBT Committee organised an event to celebrate LGBT History month on February 4 against austerity and focused on the contribution that LGBT migrants from countries such as … Continue reading

GSC Supports European Antifascist Manifesto  

Below is the European anti-fascist manifesto that the Greece Solidarity Campaign is supporting, Paul Mackney co-chair of GSC said, “The Greece Solidarity Campaign (UK), seeing anti-austerity and anti-fascism as inextricably linked, has endorsed the Manifesto.” Sixty eight years after the … Continue reading

Factory in Greece starts production under workers’ control

With unemployment climbing to 30%, workers’ income reaching zero, sick and tired of big words, promises and more taxes, unpaid since May 2011 and currently withholding their labour, with the factory abandoned by the employers, the workers of Vio.Me. by … Continue reading

GSC update 14 – (5 Feb 2013)

GSC UPDATE 14  (5 February 2013) ~ please forward to friends and comrades ~   N.B. the next Greece Solidarity Campaign  organising committeemeeting is at 6.30pm on Wednesday 20 February, ground floor suite, UNITE the Union Offices, 128 Theobalds Rd, … Continue reading

Austerity and the Rise of Fascism in Greece and Europe – How this will affect the LGBTQ community | Feb 22

22 February 2013 – 7:30pm – 9:30pm Location Clapham Public Library, Mary Seacole Centre, 91 Clapham High Street London SW4 7DB QUAC (Queers Against the Cuts) is a diverse group of LGBTQ people dedicated to opposing vicious austerity measures. The … Continue reading