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The initial call for the 19th of January national day of antifascist action

On the 19th of January 2013, we flood the streets of Athens from every city and neighborhood of the country, workers and youth from every workplace, place of education and art. We occupy the city with music, chants and speeches, … Continue reading

Tsipras supports the nomination of ICV-EUiA in the Catalan elections For a European leftist Front

By Alfons Beck A combative and delivered act was held in Barcelona where SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras, expressed his support for the candidacy of ICV-EUiA led by Joan Herrera. The three speakers at the event, Joan Josep Nuet of EUiA, … Continue reading

GSC Update 13

GSC UPDATE 13  (24th November 2012) To GSC supporters and members – please forward on. N.B the first event is tomorrow Sunday 25 November! Thanks to everyone who came to the rally in Smith Square and the fantastic meeting in … Continue reading

Update 12

ETUC’s day of action – London Protest and Rally Please use the link to Guardian letter below or to encourage people to attend the ETUC day of action events – organised by the Coalition of Resistance and the Greece Solidarity … Continue reading

14N – International message from Greece | Video

By InformationLibre Naya Nikolaou and Vasilis Sylaidis, both militant unionists, talk about the situation in Greece and the importance of the international general strike at 14 of November

GSC update | 11

GSC UPDATE 11  (9th November 2012) Wednesday 7th November was US election day so there was very little coverage of an immensely important day in the history of Greece. Just after midnight on the 8th, the Greek Parliament adopted the … Continue reading

Update 10

GSC UPDATE 10  (5 November 2012) 1.  Wednesday 14 November – European TUC Day of Action Against Austerity – General Strikes will take place in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, with other action taken by trade unions in Italy, Belgium, France … Continue reading