Tsipras supports the nomination of ICV-EUiA in the Catalan elections For a European leftist Front

By Alfons Beck
A combative and delivered act was held in Barcelona where SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras, expressed his support for the candidacy of ICV-EUiA led by Joan Herrera.

The three speakers at the event, Joan Josep Nuet of EUiA, of ICV Joan Herrera, and Alexis Tsipras, have coincided at the time peoples living exceptional Greek, Catalan and Spanish, with a “crisis that is a swindle.” Everyone has demonstrated the need to join forces, as they have already begun to do with the general strike last November 14.

Herrera said the need to “go to a Left Front in Southern Europe ,” because it is not possible to respond only country by country. Tsipras has answered in his speech that Syriza precisely called to hold a European conference to coordinate efforts and stop paying the illegitimate debt which subject the peoples of Southern Europe .

A common element prominent has been the need for a struggle for democracy. The so-called “market”as well as the troika, are exerting a true dictatorship, eliminating all vestiges of popular sovereignty, even imposing governments. And in the midst of this crisis sweeping momentum emerges claim of independence of the Catalan people.

The Catalan bourgeois party, CiU, and its candidate Artur Mas, quickly jumped on the wave of this national sentiment for independence and called an election to make it a plebiscite. The Spanish bourgeoisie and its party half Francoist PP, of rectifying away their attacks towards Catalonia , has initiated an unprecedented escalation of threats and slander, trying to frighten the Catalan population. This is just getting convince more people that there is no other way to progress that the separation and creation of another state. And CiU leverages that feeling for shown it is the only party can lead the process and thereby will get a strong majority in next Catalan parliament.

How can the left respond to this situation? The Left, and specifically the ICV-EUiA candidacy, is who raises the Catalan alternative to bourgeois party and the party of Spanish president, to defend the right to decide and carry until the end the result of the consultation of the people. But, unlike the bourgeois candidate, the goal of eventual independence should already be discussed and prepared to start from today, incorporating the improvement living conditions, employing hundreds of thousands unemployed, a radical change models production and growth to make ecological, sustainable and technologically advanced. That is, different kind of society where the public is the priority, where the rich and those who created the crisis pay that change and where people’s participation and democracy is a real and permanent and not a hoax. However, this process is just beginning now and ICV-EUiA has not yet managed to convince others left to form a unitary candidacy with left social democrats, communists, eco-socialists, independentist and anti-capitalist.

The public support and SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras to candidacy ICV-EUiA occurs before an expected increase in the number of Members of this radical left coalition, at the same time announced front of a collapse of the Socialist Party, and the emergence of a candidate leftist independence, the CUP. Elements that converge after the elections to be given a step towards the creation of a broader agreement and plural on the left, to create something new that has been come to call a ” Catalan Syriza “.

But in addition to support ICV-EUiA training, it is important to point out a way, as emphasized Nuet interventions, Herrera and Tsipras: “create a Left Front in Southern Europe .” 25N results show if that path is thriving.

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