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Golden Dawn or Golden Twilight?

By Andrew Burgin The arrests of Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos and other members on charges of heading a criminal organisation marks the first serious attempt by the Greek ruling class to crack down on the murderous activities of the … Continue reading

Gold mining in Greece: Stories of resistance and repression -film of meeting

Support for the university and school teachers striking in Greece

Greece Solidarity Campaign’s message sent to teachers’ union OLME and the staff at Athens National Technological University. SOLIDARITY WITH THE SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY TEACHERS OF GREECE! Greece Solidarity Campaign stands foursquare behind the actions launched by university and school teachers in … Continue reading

Fascists kill in Greece! Antifascist protest in London, Saturday September 21. 1 pm. at the Greek Embassy

 The Greece Solidarity Campaign is calling on all to support the protest!  Around midnight  on the 17th of September in the popular working class district of Amfiali in the area of Piraeus, a young man, age 34 was brutally stabbed … Continue reading

Firefighters in England and Wales to strike next Wednesday

Report of visit by Syriza MP Theano Fotiou to the UK TUC 7-10 September

Over a couple of days Theano Fotiou met over 50 people, including the most influential figures in the UK trade union movement, and deepened their understanding of the situation in Greece. Apart from attending formal events, a TUC guest can … Continue reading

Greek teachers lead off week of public sector strikes

A week of planned strikes against public spending cuts started on Monday 16th September. Teacher unions reported a 90% turnout. Civil servants are on strike from Wednesday 18th September . See 2 short film items here

Universities of Athens on Strike against austerity measures

The rector of the Greece’s largest university said that it has no choice but to strike against the government’s plans to remove hundreds of its administrative staff. Theodoros Pelegrinis, the head of the University of Athens, said the government’s so-called mobility … Continue reading

Greek Day | September 21st

Alexis Tsipras Supports Teaching Strikes

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the main opposition party Syriza, said that the first and most important lesson that students should learn is the need to help one’s neighbour. He also appealed to pupils and parents to support the teachers … Continue reading