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Greece: answering the critics of a united front

Greece stands on a precipice. There can be no return to the old politics there and a revolutionary situation is emerging amid the chaos of everyday life. The classic conditions for revolution are present: a working class no longer prepared … Continue reading


1.  This is the first of a new series of Updates on the situation in Greece and Greek Solidarity in the UK.  Please use the form attached and send it to us if you or others wish to join the … Continue reading

Wartime Resistance Fighter Leads Greek Anti-Austerity Battle

On the night of May 30, 1941, Manolis Glezos and a friend secretly tore down the swastika flag from the Acropolis in Athens, an act that inspired the resistance movement across Europe. Now he is fighting for a place in … Continue reading

In or out of the eurozone, we must ditch this failed model

By Seamus Milne   EU elites are trying to scare Greeks and Irish into swallowing austerity, but it’s they who brought the economy to its knees Democracy has never been the European Union’s strongest suit. It’s an institution where the unelected … Continue reading

Alexis Tsipras warns Greek crisis is also Europe’s

By Kim Willsher Greece’s leftwing leader tells Paris audience that other EU countries will be next if they fail to oppose radical austerity drive The rising star of Europe Alexis Tsipras, the radical left Greek leader, has arrived in Paris … Continue reading

The Greeks gave us the Olympics. Let them have their marbles

By Henry Porter   Elgin’s behaviour would be absolutely unacceptable today Despite the disintegration of their politics and economy, the Greeks can still muster a crew of vestal virgins to light and nurture the Olympic flame. The ceremony had a … Continue reading

Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras: ‘It’s a war between people and capitalism’

By Helena Smith   Greece’s eurozone fate may now be in the hands of the 37-year-old political firebrand and his Syriza party “I don’t believe in heroes or saviours,” says Alexis Tsipras, “but I do believe in fighting for rights … Continue reading

Trying to understand SYRIZA

By Paul Mason   This is less of a blog more of a series of notes to try and enhance understanding of who SYRIZA and its leader Alexis Tsipras actually are, and how they might behave if, as polls suggest, … Continue reading

Meeting with Alexis Tsipras – leader of SYRIZA

The Greece Solidarity Campaign’s recent delegation to Athens met with ALEXIS TSIPRAS MP, Leader of SYRIZA and President of Synaspismos. The delegation meeting him included national representatives from UNITE, CWU, FBU and TSSA, together with Romayne Phoenix, Chair of the Coalition … Continue reading

Why Europe needs Greece – Costas Lapavitsas

By Costas Lapavitsas   Syriza’s electoral success marks the start of the first major battle against austerity. The whole continent should will them to win Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, centre, ‘stands every chance of … forming a coalition government … Continue reading