Monthly Archives: February 2014

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde thinks the troika got it wrong on Greece?

    Alex Andreou writes in The Guardian 24.2.2014: On Thursday, Christine Lagarde made some comments in an interview for Australia’s ABC which have passed largely unreported, Greece no longer being the crisis en vogue. She admitted that the troika – … Continue reading

Austerity measures have inflicted “shocking” harm on the health of the Greek population

In a damning article published in The Lancet (pdf), academics from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have reported evidence of rising infant mortality rates, soaring levels of HIV infection among … Continue reading

Greek teachers issue international appeal for support to stop dismissals

  Greek teachers strike to stop dismissals Athens, 29/01/2014     To EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL, ETUCE and Teacher Trade Unions across the world STOP TEACHER DISMISSALS Dear colleagues, As you have already been informed on 23 July 2013 the Greek government, within the … Continue reading