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Defiance: Greece and Europe. Book Review

‘Defiance: Greece and Europe’ by Roger Silverman Zero Books £15.99.  Book Review by Paul Mackney, Co-chair Greece Solidarity Campaign, first published in The Chartist Roger Silverman has done us a great service with what he calls a “single straightforward account … Continue reading

Refugee crisis in Greece.

Greek courts have upheld the first appeal by a Syrian refugee against deportation to Turkey. The decision could unravel the controversial refugee deal recently struck between the EU and Turkey. Greece is having to deal with a new humanitarian crisis … Continue reading

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas: a political anatomy

      It is two years since the murder of the Greek antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. A detailed account and political analysis of the crime and the neo-Nazi organisation behind it, Golden Dawn, has been written by Thanasis Kampagiannis, one of … Continue reading

Sudden End to Humanitarian Success for Refugees and Volunteers on the Island of Kos

  Report by Jane Deighton on her visit to Kos, 12th August 2015 Sudden end to humanitarian success for Kos refugees and volunteers Kos volunteers’ high risk strategy this week forced the local Government to take responsibility for feeding the … Continue reading

The solidarity structures – our “oxygen”

For International Women’s Day – written by Anastasia Vezirtzoglou, member of Social Solidarity Clinic of Peristeri (Athens). GSC delegation met volunteers at Peristeri Solidarity Clinic Oct 2014. (See also a report from Dr Louise Irvine(3rd from left), chair of Save … Continue reading

Britain’s TUC Solidarity with Greece

The TUC General Council, representing 6 million trade unionists in Britain, sends greetings and solidarity to the people and trade unions of Greece, through our sister organisations ADEDY and GSEE. Greek workers and their families and communities have suffered terribly … Continue reading

Frances O’Grady,Trade Union Council (TUC) : Why the Greek Elections are so important – for the Greeks and Europe as a whole

This Sunday, the Greek people go to the polls in what must be one of the most important elections not just for Greece but for Europe as a whole. What is at stake is the future of democratic control of … Continue reading


Greece stands on the brink of momentous change. The forthcoming general election presents huge, transformative opportunities to the people of Greece – and to Europe more widely. The anti-austerity party SYRIZA – and the movement and people as a whole … Continue reading

Cancelling Greek Debt is an Overdue Necessity

                                                                                         Cancelling the majority of the Greek sovereign debt is an overdue necessity. This was the conclusion of a European conference on debt held in Athens at the start of May 2014. The concluding statement published by the Greek Debt … Continue reading

Austerity is wreaking havoc, but the left can unite to build a better Europe

Zealots for neoliberalism have created a humanitarian tragedy across the continent. It is our destiny to fight back.      ALEXIS TSIPRAS                                                          The Guardian November 27, 2013 More than 1,000 young people a day are joining the ranks of Europe‘s unemployed. In … Continue reading