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Freedom of speech suspended “until further notice”

By Leonidas Oikonomakis   In Greece, the attack on press freedoms and the collusion with Golden Dawn are indicative of a government in panic and a crumbling hegemonic order. You may have heard the story. A couple of days ago … Continue reading

Drop all charges against Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis

*Update 10/28/12* Police have now arrested Vaxevanis after he deliberately tweeted his location. He has been released and is set to appear in court tomorrow Monday 10/29/12 at noon local time. Sign the petition here Tell the Athens District Attorney … Continue reading

Love or nothing: The real Greek parallel with Weimar

By Paul Mason   Of all the operas written during Germany’s Weimar Republic (1919-33), probably the most haunting is the last. Kurt Weill’s The Silver Lake, written with playwright Georg Kaiser, tells the story of two losers – a good-hearted … Continue reading

Thessaloniki celebrates Feast of Patron Saint

Every year in Thessaloniki, Greece residents and politicians alike attend church services to honor patron saint of city. This year security measures were like none ever seen before.

Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking violent abuses?

By Yiannis Baboulias     Golden Dawn is having a field day while MPs from other parties are assaulted On Monday night, Nikos Dendias, the Greek Minister of Public Order, was a guest on New Folders, a well known Greek … Continue reading

14 November 2012: European Day of Action and Solidarity

By ETUC     #14Nov2012. For Jobs and Solidarity in Europe. No to Austerity. You can take part in the European Day of Action and Solidarity on Facebook The Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) called for … Continue reading

Petrol bombs vs teargas: Thousands across Greece protest austerity measures

Flames from a molotov cocktail flare up near Greek riot police as they stand guard near a protest march by Greece’s Communist party in central Athens during a 24-hour labour strike October 18, 2012 (Reuters / John Kolesidis) Youths have … Continue reading

Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn

Are Greek police colluding with far-right Golden Dawn? Related Stories Greek result buys Europe time Greece’s far-right party, Golden Dawn, won 18 parliamentary seats in the June election with a campaign openly hostile to illegal immigrants and there are now … Continue reading

GSC update 9 – October 18 ’12

 Greek MP for Corfu and leading Greek trade unionists come to London! ~ please forward to friends and comrades ~   1.  Stefanos Samoilis, Syriza MP for Corfu, and  Giorgos Harisis, member of the executive board of ADEDY (Public Employees Confederation) and of the Trade … Continue reading

GSC update 8 – early October ’12

GSC UPDATE 8  (early October 2012) please forward to friends and comrades     1.  If you are in London, please come to the German Embassy (23 Belgrave Square, London SW1 8PZ) at 5pm on on Wednesday 10 October in … Continue reading