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The significance of the Golden dawn trial

GSC co-chair Cllr Isidoros Diakides takes a brief look at the background to this marathon trial of Greek neo-nazis and draws out some of the implications of the guilty verdicts This was a marathon saga, that took five and a … Continue reading

Solidarity statement about the Golden Dawn trial

Please add your name to our statement here. GSC letter – full list of signatories – updated 10am, 07/10/2020 On Wednesday 7th October the five and a half year trial of the Greek neo-nazi organisation Golden Dawn is expected to conclude. … Continue reading

Refugee crisis needs urgent pan-European action says Greece Solidarity Campaign

The Greece Solidarity Campaign’s latest 17-strong delegation visited Athens from March 6th- 8th, pictured here in the docks of Piraeus with volunteers who work with the refugees. The members of this 8th GSC delegation to Athens were: Cllr Isidoros Diakides (GSC), Cllr Emine … Continue reading

Annual General Meeting of Greece Solidarity Campaign October 2015

Report by Cllr Isidoros Diakides, Co-Chair GSC, October TAKING STOCK – GREECE AT THE CROSSROADS This was another roller-coaster year. Once more, as we have come to expect, our Greek comrades never let us down when it comes to adrenalin pumping … Continue reading

“We can’t take this anymore!” General Strike against Severe Austerity Measures.

                          A General Strike is taking place across Greece today November 12th. It is the first General Strike since the signing of the 3rd Memorandum agreement with the … Continue reading

LGBT history month – solidarity with Greece

The South East Regional TUC LGBT network and the UNITE London & Eastern Region LGBT Committee organised an event to celebrate LGBT History month on February 4 against austerity and focused on the contribution that LGBT migrants from countries such as … Continue reading

Update 10

GSC UPDATE 10  (5 November 2012) 1.  Wednesday 14 November – European TUC Day of Action Against Austerity – General Strikes will take place in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, with other action taken by trade unions in Italy, Belgium, France … Continue reading

Petrol bombs vs teargas: Thousands across Greece protest austerity measures

Flames from a molotov cocktail flare up near Greek riot police as they stand guard near a protest march by Greece’s Communist party in central Athens during a 24-hour labour strike October 18, 2012 (Reuters / John Kolesidis) Youths have … Continue reading

Alarm at Greek police ‘collusion’ with far-right Golden Dawn

Are Greek police colluding with far-right Golden Dawn? Related Stories Greek result buys Europe time Greece’s far-right party, Golden Dawn, won 18 parliamentary seats in the June election with a campaign openly hostile to illegal immigrants and there are now … Continue reading

GSC update 9 – October 18 ’12

 Greek MP for Corfu and leading Greek trade unionists come to London! ~ please forward to friends and comrades ~   1.  Stefanos Samoilis, Syriza MP for Corfu, and  Giorgos Harisis, member of the executive board of ADEDY (Public Employees Confederation) and of the Trade … Continue reading