Open Meeting: Social Solidarity in Greece. Wed Oct 10 Westminster

Peristeri clinic, Georgia

Social Solidarity in Greece

 Wednesday October 10th 6.30pm  (Arrive 6pm, bring ID)

Portcullis House, Room R, 1 Parliament St, Westminster, SW1A 2JR  

 Introduced by David Lammy MP

 Hear from three women building grassroots social solidarity

  • Eleni Sotiropoulou from Patissia Social Solidarity Pharmacy, Athens
  • Georgia Koumparouli from Peristeri Social Solidarity Clinic, Athens
  • Tatiana Egorova from Solidarity for All, Athens

The Greek people defied punitive austerity over eight long years. Millions of ordinary Greeks have paid a terrible price – huge unemployment still (20%), youth unemployment (39%), 25% wage cuts, 45% cuts in pensions, huge tax rises and spending cuts, widespread poverty and homelessness, the doubling of mental illness and a big rise in suicides. The debt-laden economy shrank by 25%.

In the face of this extreme austerity, an amazing grassroots social solidarity movement has been built.  A network of free health clinics and pharmacies, community kitchens, without middlemen food markets and employment projects has been established. They are all run by volunteers and organised by inclusive democratic assemblies.  We in the UK, faced with serious austerity, can learn from them.

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