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Sign: Open letter of solidarity with the anti-austerity movement in Greece

Open letter published in today’s (27 Jan) Guardian. Add your support below. A new government has formed in Greece that places people at the heart of its programme of change. The crippling bail-out package imposed through the EU/IMF Memorandum has … Continue reading

Universities of Athens on Strike against austerity measures

The rector of the Greece’s largest university said that it has no choice but to strike against the government’s plans to remove hundreds of its administrative staff. Theodoros Pelegrinis, the head of the University of Athens, said the government’s so-called mobility … Continue reading

Greece: answering the critics of a united front

Greece stands on a precipice. There can be no return to the old politics there and a revolutionary situation is emerging amid the chaos of everyday life. The classic conditions for revolution are present: a working class no longer prepared … Continue reading

Meeting with Alexis Tsipras – leader of SYRIZA

The Greece Solidarity Campaign’s recent delegation to Athens met with ALEXIS TSIPRAS MP, Leader of SYRIZA and President of Synaspismos. The delegation meeting him included national representatives from UNITE, CWU, FBU and TSSA, together with Romayne Phoenix, Chair of the Coalition … Continue reading

Video: The Potato Movement

Across Greece, communities are organising to arrange wholesale distribution of basic foodstuffs at cost price. The so-called potato movement now also distributes olive oil, rice and medicines at the lowest possible prices to try and make life easier for the … Continue reading