Fascists kill in Greece! Antifascist protest in London, Saturday September 21. 1 pm. at the Greek Embassy

 The Greece Solidarity Campaign is calling on all to support the protest! 

Around midnight  on the 17th of September in the popular working class district of Amfiali in the area of Piraeus, a young man, age 34 was brutally stabbed  to death, by a gang of neo Nazis, members of Golden Dawn. 

Pavlos Fyssas, deceased, was a well known figure in the local community. By the stage name of Killah P. he was a hip-hop artist involved in the antifascist scene, organising anti-racist concerts and other social activities in the area where he lived.  This murder is not an isolated fact. It comes after the attack of communist activists in Perama, another working-class suburb of Piraeus,  by a Golden Dawn squad. Fascist violence is escalating in a context of rising social struggles and popular mobilizations.

 The time to fight back has come for the entire Left and the antifascist forces.  Syriza London, together with antifascist activists and organizations in London, call for a peaceful demonstration in front of the Greek embassy (1a Holland Park, London W11 3TP)  to condemn the actions of Golden Dawn.   No Pasaran!   Syriza London .  





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