Call for Thanasis Kourkoulas, of “Expel Racism” Greece, to be aquitted.


We demand that Thanasis Kourkoulas, member of “Expel Racism” Organization – Greece, be aquitted. The criminalization of antiracist and antifascist action must not be allowed to happen.

On 16th December 2013, Thanasis Kourkoulas, member of “Expel Racism” movement and militant of the antifascist and antiracism movement is to be tried in the 4th Single Judge Misdemeanor Court of Athens, as a result of the provocative and slanderous lawsuit of an extreme rightist who accuses him of “giving orders to a group of  men bearing bats”, a group which he claims attacked him in 2009. This trial is a part of a whole scheme of prosecutions set up by the neonazis in the last few years, which aims at intimidating and targeting people and organizations who are giving a fight openly, collectively and in broad daylight in order to bring down the Golden Dawn gang as well as their collaborators in the state mechanisms. We condemn the unprecedented attempt to criminalize the antifascist action and we demand that Thanasis Kourkoulas be acquitted. Those who belong in prison are the neonazis of Golden Dawn, not the antifascist movement militants. Fascism never again!

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Signatories include:

Grigoris Kalomiris, Executive Comitee, ADEDY (Greek Civil Servants Confederation)

Despina Spanou, Executive Comitee, ADEDY

George Harisis, Executive Comitee, ADEDY

Themis Kotsyfakis. President, OLME (Greek High School Teachers Confederation)

Nikos Kalogiros, Administrative Council, DOE (Primary School Teachers Confederation)

Despina Koutsoumpa, President, Union of Greek Archaeologists, General Council ADEDY

Dimitris Trimis, General Council & ex. President, ESIEA (Greek Journalists Confedaration)

Marios Lolos, President, Union of Greek Photojournalists

Olga Kosmopoulou, General Council, EINAP (Union of Public Hospitals Doctors of Athens/Piraeus)

Kostas Giannakenas, President, EINA (Union of Public Hospitals Doctors of Patras)

Efi Ganiari, General Council, 2nd ATTICA ELME

Stelios Filippou, General Council, Municipal Workers of Zografou Municipality

Panagiotis Hasapakis, General Council, Workers at Red Cross Hospital

Litsa Galani, General Council, Workers at Red Cross Hospital

Andreas Makris, General Council, Workers at LAIKO Hospital

Antonis Papazoglou, General Council, Workers at GENNIMATAS Hospital

Grigoris Vogiatzis, General Council, Workers at GENNIMATAS Hospital

Dedousis Giorgos, General Council, Workers at GENNIMATAS Hospital

Despina Tosonidou, General Council, Workers at ASKLIPIEIO, Hospital

Vassilis Kostaras, President, Doctors of AGRINIO Hospital

Sarra Anastasiadou, , General Council, Workers at AHEPA, Hospital

Dimitris Christopoulos, Vise President EEDA (Greek Union of Human Rights)

Spiros Marketos, Professor of Political Science, Thessaloniki University

Thodoris Nikolaidis, Institution of Youth & Lifelong Learning

Eleni Portaliou, City Councellor, Athens

Costas Papadopoulos, City Councellor, Nikea-Rentis

Despina Spanoudi, Regional Movement of Main Greece

Petros Linardos Rilmon, Economist

Christos Roumpanis, Movement of 6th Athenian Community Inhabitants

Stathis Katsoulas, Antifascist Front in Education

Takis Giannopoulos, Antinazi Zone – YRE

Nikodimos Maina Kinioua, ASANTE

Loreta McColey, United African Women Organization

Yonous Mohamedi, Forum of Refugees in Greece

Ahmed Moawia, Forum of Immigrants in Greece

Fotis Andriopoulos, President, Open Immigrants School – Piraeus

Giorgos Korras, Film Director

Stathis Drogosis, Singer

Nikos Manios, Coordinator of SYRIZA Health Dpt

Antonis Karavas, Secretariat of SYRIZA Health Dpt

Maria Bolari, SYRIZA MP

Ioanna Gaitani, SYRIZA MP

Afrodite Stambouli, SYRIZA MP

Dimitris Tsoukalas, SYRIZA MP

Nikos Voutsis, SYRIZA MP

Alekos Alavanos, Head of Plan B Party

Panagiotis Sotiris, Steering Comitee, POSDEP – ANTARSYA

Zeta Melampianaki, General Council, ADEDY – ANTARSYA

Kostas Papadakis, ex member DSA, Layers General Council – ANTARSYA

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