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1.  COME TO HEAR JEREMY CORBYN SPEAKING ON HIS RECENT VISIT TO GREECE at 6.30 on Wednesday 6 June. Jeremy Corbyn MP has just returned from Greece where, amongst other engagements he spoke at a 2,000 strong election rally in … Continue reading

A vivid warning to us all

By Jeremy Corbyn   The first thing I noticed coming out of Syntagma station next to the Greek parliament was a man trying to raise money for an operation. On the pavement around him were scattered political leaflets and other … Continue reading

Tsipras sets out SYRIZA’s plan for rejecting memorandum

  SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has promised to repudiate Greece’s loan agreement with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund if his party comes to power and to reverse or halt some of the measures that have already been … Continue reading

Troubled Greece: fears of ‘first domino’ to fall as austerity is counted a failure

By Larry Elliott   Greek’s leftist party Syriza says recovery depends on a renegotiated bail-out and access to European structural funds The soup kitchen opens at noon but long before then the queues start to form in the hot Athens … Continue reading