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Update 12

ETUC’s day of action – London Protest and Rally Please use the link to Guardian letter below or to encourage people to attend the ETUC day of action events – organised by the Coalition of Resistance and the Greece Solidarity … Continue reading

GSC update | 11

GSC UPDATE 11  (9th November 2012) Wednesday 7th November was US election day so there was very little coverage of an immensely important day in the history of Greece. Just after midnight on the 8th, the Greek Parliament adopted the … Continue reading

Update 10

GSC UPDATE 10  (5 November 2012) 1.  Wednesday 14 November – European TUC Day of Action Against Austerity – General Strikes will take place in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, with other action taken by trade unions in Italy, Belgium, France … Continue reading

GSC update 9 – October 18 ’12

 Greek MP for Corfu and leading Greek trade unionists come to London! ~ please forward to friends and comrades ~   1.  Stefanos Samoilis, Syriza MP for Corfu, and  Giorgos Harisis, member of the executive board of ADEDY (Public Employees Confederation) and of the Trade … Continue reading

GSC update 8 – early October ’12

GSC UPDATE 8  (early October 2012) please forward to friends and comrades     1.  If you are in London, please come to the German Embassy (23 Belgrave Square, London SW1 8PZ) at 5pm on on Wednesday 10 October in … Continue reading

GSC update 7 – September 24 ’12

GSC UPDATE 7 – (24 September 2012)   Your solidarity is needed.  Greece’s economy is in free fall.  Finance Minister, Stournaris, predicts a 25% fall in GDP (2008-2015). There’s a growing wave of strikes leading to a General Strike on … Continue reading

GSC Update 6 – September ’12

  GSC UPDATE 6 – (September 2012)   1.   GSC Update is back after an August break.  The need for a robust solidarity campaign is more essential than ever.  If you haven’t already, join or affiliate your organisation to the … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity Campaign Update 5

GSC UPDATE 5 – (7 July 2012) 1.  Cameron plans to keep out Greeks – not in our name!   According to The Guardian (4.7.12), “David Cameron is prepared to over-ride Britain’s historic obligations under EU treaties and impose stringent … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity Campaign update 4

1.  A CLOSE FINISH: New Democracy 29.66%; SYRIZA 26.89%.  Yes, the election result is a disappointment; but it should be noted that Syriza’s vote rose from 4.6% in 2009 to 26.89% on Sunday 17 June 2012. In contrast, New Democracy’s fell … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity Campaign Update 3 – (9 JUNE 2012)

1.  ON GREECE’S ELECTION DAY SUNDAY 17 JUNE, 2.00 pm – STAND WITH THE GREEK PEOPLE AGAINST EU IMPOSED AUSTERITY – at European Union Commission, 32 Smith Square, SW1P 3EU, Just off Millbank, near Parliament Square.  Called by the Greek … Continue reading