Greek Health Minister confronted in London

Greek Health Minister confronts detractor 16.3.2014

The Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who had been invited to speak by the Hellenic Society of Imperial College, London, was confronted by an angry audience at the meeting on Sunday 16th March.

‘The government’s policies kill. Health Minister Mr Adonis Georgiadis, belongs to a political class that is pushing the Greek people further into despair, making sure our country can never exit the crisis.’             – Zoe Mavroudi, maker of the film ‘Ruins’, spoke eloquently at the meeting confronting the Minister with the facts of the health of Greek people under his policies. Watch her speaking here. The minister responded angrily to members of the audience ( photo). See   and read about this meeting here. The facts as Zoe Mavroudi stated them are:

‘Contrary to his – the Minister’s – propaganda, the actual evidence is shocking.   

• Public spending on health is now less than in any other European Union member state  

• Almost one third of the population is currently, or shall be in the near future, at risk of no access to social health insurance   

• Vulnerable populations such as the elderly, pregnant women, cancer patients, those with HIV, drug users, refugees, immigrants and ethnic minorities face increased difficulties to accessing health services   

• Cases of chronic malnutrition in school children have increased exponentially   

• Previously free and accessible national health services are now being cut and costs are shifted directly to the public   

• Compulsory fees have been introduced to access public services, including outpatients’ appointments and drug prescriptions   

A recently introduced by Mr Georgiadis €25 fee for in-patient admission in public hospitals had to be revoked due to the ensuing public outcry   

• Hospitals are severely understaffed with shortages in medication and basic supplies like toilet paper, catheters and syringes. Members of the public are expected to source and pay for these basic supplies   

• There is a marked increase in incidence, prevalence and mortality of infectious diseases, including HIV and re-emergence of others such as malaria and TB   

• Infant mortality has reversed and still births have increased   

• Funding for mental health decreased by 20% between 2010 and 2011 and by a further 55% by 2012   

•Mental health services are coping with a 120% increase in demand in the past three years   

• There is a 2-5 times higher prevalence in major depression among the population   

• Deaths by suicide went up 45% between 2007 and 2011′



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