Condolences from Solidarity for All, Greece

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The Greece Solidarity Campaign has received many tributes to Tony Benn.

You can hear Tony Benn speaking on Greece on euGreek Radio in March 2012 here.

Solidarity for All, the national network of social solidarity clinics, kitchens and markets, sent us this message from Greece.

‘Dear comrades and friends

 We are deeply sorry to hear of Tony Benn’s passing away and we would like to express our warmest condolences to his family, comrades and friends.   

Today the British people, and especially the working and the poorer classes, lost not simply one of their most loyal champions, but someone from their own body.

Today the peoples of the world have lost one of their most prominent supporters in their anti-colonial and anti-capitalist struggles,who stood by them for an end to imperialist wars, for freedom and peace.

Today the Greek people lost one of their best friends and comrades in their resistance against the undemocratic and lethal austerity measures of neoliberal governments and the regime of troika. 

Tony Benn as a leading figure of the Stop the War Coalition, of the Coalition of Resistance and of the Greece Solidarity Campaign has been, and will be, a bright example of solidarity and internationalism.  Right until the end of his life he stood up for a better society, a socialist future and an emancipated humanity throughout the world.

We are sad that we have to say goodbye to such a close friend and loyal comrade.

As farewell we promise him to do our best to keep up with his vast and precious legacy. 

With deepest sympathy

Solidarity for All, Greece,  15 March 2014


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