Urgent – Last Chance to Sign The Greek Debt Petition

10389343_895513247172971_3702771617430146375_nThe Europe-wide petition  calling for a European Conference to agree Debt Cancellation for Greece and other countries which was launched by 42 organisations in 14 countries will be presented to the President of the European Council’s Eurogroup Working Group on November 4th. 

There are just under 90,000 signatures. Please sign and share and make it 100,000!    SIGN THE PETITION HERE.   See the petition wording below.

WRITE TO George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, here – to tell him to support Greece’s call for a renegotiation of the debt, as the new Greek government starts talks aimed at debt cancellation.

arton11754-a5949THE EUROPE WIDE PETITION       

‘We, the citizens of countries across Europe, call for:

  • A European conference to agree debt cancellation for Greece and other countries that need it, informed by debt audits and funded by recovering money from the banks and financial speculators who were the real beneficiaries of bailouts.
  • An end to the enforcing of austerity policies that are causing injustice and poverty in Europe and across the world.
  • The creation of UN rules to deal with government debt crises promptly, fairly and with respect for human rights, and to signal to the banks and financiers that we won’t keep bailing them out for reckless lending’

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