Solidarity needed as much as ever! Affiliate to the Greece Solidarity Campaign!

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The Greek people continue their struggle with European institutions against the suffocating austerity measures, debt and privatisations strangling their country.

The Greece Solidarity Campaign won many new friends during the tumultuous events of 2015. The GSC campaigned vigorously in solidarity with Greece – to ‘Let Greece Breathe’ and ‘Drop the Debt’. We have organised four delegations to Athens, welcomed speakers from Greece to the UK and we have sent thousands of pounds to the solidarity clinics, pharmacies and also to food projects, part of the impressive network of solidarity and resistance structures across the country.

The struggle is far from over and solidarity is needed as much as ever:

  • Collapsing health and social welfare systems in Greece as unemployment soars mean that our support for Solidarity for All via MEDICAL AID FOR GREECE and other initiatives is more vital than ever.
  • Solidarity donations are urgently needed.
  • We urge our affiliates to consider formal links with solidarity clinics and similar community and trade union bodies in Greece. We can help to facilitate this.
  • Attention also shifts to a broader movement across the continent to oppose the destructive effects of the austerity drive. Solidarity with Greece was part of the movement here which installed a new leadership in the Labour Party; the elections in Portugal and the new broad left coalition there show that there is a way forward.

We urge you to (re-)affiliate to GSC for 2016, consider how you can get involved in the work of GSC and organise events to raise the issues and above all financial aid for the Greek solidarity movement. We will be glad to provide information and speakers for any events.

Complete the Affiliation and Donation Form  and send with the appropriate fee to:  The Greece Solidarity Campaign,  c/o Housmans Bookshop, 5, Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX     Ευχαριστώ !  Efxaristo! Thank you.





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