Scandal! Germany’s Financial Times calls Greeks to vote for ND

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Unbelievable! Financial Times Germany (FTD) calls Greeks to cast their vote on Sunday in favor of pro-bailout conservative Nea Dimocratia! In the unprecendeted bold op-ed article with the title “Resist to the  Demagogue” Financial Times Deutschland claims this is its recommendation for the Greek voters on June 17.

 ”Greeks make a historical voting decision on Sunday – even though results as well as consequences are not clear. FTD tells in its vote recommendation, for whom the Greeks should vote,” writes FTD in the article lead.

The despicable attempt to manipulation of voters that raises a lot of questions about what exact interests the FTD represent, reads:

Recommendation to voters: FTD and the majority of the Greeks have a common interest : that your country must remain in the euro.
On Sunday historical elections take place that will be decisive on this issue as well as for the future of the common European currency. Therefore the FTD makes a recommendation to the Greek voters as an exceptional move. Something that the FTD does also for German and EU parliament elections.
 Among others the article claims that Greece can remain in the Euro zone only with parties that accept the terms of the international lenders.
 ”Resist to demagogy of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA. Do not trust their promises that the denouncement of the loan agreements is possible without consequences.
Your country finally needs a functioning state. For your smooth governance we recommend Nea Dimocratia, even thought the recommendation is half-hearted…The best option for your country would be a coalition government with Antonis Samaras as leader and not Alexis Tsipras…..” and so on, and so on…
If you have a strong stomach, read the full op-ed in Greek Here and in German Here  (this is addressed to non-Greek speaking, 2nd and 3rd generation migrants in Germany, I assume)
Home of Spitting Llamas…
Reactions on FTD page
As expected the article triggered outrage among its readers, Greeks but also Germans.
One commented that it looks like a “pre-paid ad by SIEMENS and Ferrostaal” [the two German companies that massively bribed Greek politicians to secure state contracts in telecommunications and submarines).
Another wrote: “Dear Fourth Reich. You just can’t stay out of our business, can you?”
The comment of one guy who wrote: “very convincing article…thank you so much FT…now i’m sure that my decision is the right one…i will vote SYRIZA…” was ‘applauded’ by many Greek FTD visitors and some also advised “We’ll send Samaras to Germany… YES!”
Others speak of “disgrace”, of the “FTD and the German establishment “in panic”, of “provocations” and “threats” garnished with a lot of eF-words.
SYRIZA’s Reaction
SYRIZA reacted strongly and described the article a “Blatant Intervention”
ND’s Reaction
Offended is not only SYRIZA but also nea Dimocratia. In a sharp statement, ND said “Greeks are proud people. We know who we vote for. Make  “Recommendations” somewhere else. Make fixed-provocations, short before the elections, somewhere else.”
Interestinig note: FTD totally turns its back to PASOK, the party that took Greece to bailout. No PASOK complains so far… he!he!
PS I wouldn’t know that I have a common interest with Financial Times Deutschland? Unless they offer me a job :)

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