Education motions passed at this year’s UCU Congress

56        Greece          


Congress notes:

1.      the continuing resistance by many trade unions in Greece to attempts by the government to implement further austerity measures amounting to £10.8 billion since November 2012 despite rapidly rising levels of poverty and unemployment. A number of measures being sought by the so-called ‘Troika’ – the European Central Bank, the IMF, and the European Union – have been halted by strike action such as one and two day general strikes, and which has included strikes by teachers in opposition to wage cuts, job losses and attacks on workers’ rights.

1.      the growing threat posed by the fascist Golden Dawn party and recognises the crucial role being played by workers organisations in combating this.

Congress resolves:

a.    to encourage branches to twin with branches of Greek further and higher education unions.

b.    to call on the TUC to mobilise in support of Greek unions.


57       Defend the Right of Public Education for All: Greek HE         


Congress notes that the savage austerity measures imposed on Greece have amounted to 45% of cuts in the higher education sector. The Greek government aims to decrease the student intake by 30%. A lot of departments are threatened with closure, students and staff determined to protect their right to public education have been attacked and demonized by the mainstream media.  In April 2013, some students of TEI Patras engaged in a fight to stop the closure of the social work department were injured by opponents within their HEI.

Congress resolves to:

1.      support the struggles of the students and staff to protect and /or reclaim their right to public education in conjunction with the international higher education union and the student union;

2.      publicize on our union’s website the struggles of students and staff to protect their right to education both in Greece and other countries.

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