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FBU Motion to TUC ’13 on Austerity in Greece

Motion to Trades Union Congress 2013 78 – Solidarity with Greek workers Congress notes the continued austerity programme carried out by the Greek government, backed by international financial institutions and other European governments. These attacks include sacking public sector workers, … Continue reading

Austerity Europe: Greece in the frontline | TUC 9th Sept


Fundraising meal for Medical Aid for Greece | October 9th

Investors requested to withdraw bids for Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company

A large group of Greek, European and international organisations, networks and others have requested the bidders for the Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company to withdraw their bids. They want the bidders to respect the wishes of the workers and local … Continue reading

Education motions passed at this year’s UCU Congress

56        Greece                       PASSED                                              Congress notes: 1.      the continuing resistance by many trade unions in Greece to attempts by the government to implement further austerity measures amounting to £10.8 billion since November 2012 despite rapidly rising levels of poverty and … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity at the US embassey demo

Tolpuddle March with GSC banner

Introductory speech of the President of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-USF, Alexis Tsipras

Comrades, Men and women, fighters for Democracy and Social Justice, I’m glad we meet up at this Convention of joy and creation. Welcome to this historic get-together for the Left and for this country. To a Convention that will give … Continue reading

Tolpuddle Rallly Begins

Greece Solidarity Campaign at Tolpuddle festival