Break the chains of Greece’s debt! Rally Trafalgar Square Tuesday 23rd June 6.30

23 June


 Sign the Europe-wide petition to cancel the Greek Debt!

Join the Solidarity with Greece Rally 6.30 June 23 Trafalgar Square!

Following demonstrations in Brussels, Luxemburg, several German cities and Athens, London will add its voice to the call for a just agreement with Greece.

The Greek people are being held to ransom by international creditors for an enormous and unpayable debt that they don’t owe and can’t pay.

As the Greek Debt Truth Commission, which launched its initial report last week, has started to uncover, the Greek debt crisis was caused by the lending of irresponsible European banks, the borrowing of the corrupt Greek elite, and a global network of tax havens allowing money to flow out of the country.  The austerity ‘medicine’ prescribed by its creditors has devastated the Greek economy and society, driving millions more into poverty and cutting access to essential services like basic healthcare.

Greece is on the frontline of Europe’s debt crisis and, with €10 billion in debt repayments due between now and the end of August, the solidarity of citizens across Europe is needed more than ever.

That’s why, as part of this international week of action in solidarity with Greece, 42 organisations in 14 countries across Europe are launching a Europe-wide petition calling for debt cancellation for Greece, an end to forced austerity, a new rules for tackling debt crises globally so countries in crisis are no longer at the mercy of the powerful creditors when the debts that they are facing are clearly illegitimate and unjust.

The Greece Solidarity Campaign and Jubilee Debt Campaign are calling on supporters to rally in Trafalgar Square to show support for the Greek government and Greek people in their effort to achieve a just solution to the debt problem.
A big show of support from citizens across Europe will help Greece resist the growing pressure to submit to more punishing bail-out conditions and stand strong in its demands for debt justice.

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