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Austerity is wreaking havoc, but the left can unite to build a better Europe

Zealots for neoliberalism have created a humanitarian tragedy across the continent. It is our destiny to fight back.      ALEXIS TSIPRAS                                                          The Guardian November 27, 2013 More than 1,000 young people a day are joining the ranks of Europe‘s unemployed. In … Continue reading

The struggle in Greek Universities needs all the support and solidarity it can get!

At this moment, we are at a crucial stage of the struggle. It is not only a struggle against lay-offs. It is a struggle to defend Public Higher Education as a social right against privatization and commodification. It is a … Continue reading

“I strongly believe that the people and the working class of Europe have to build a broad front against the economic war that neo-liberalism has launched”

Speech of Syriza Member of the Greek Parliament Theano Fotiou at the GSC and FBU fringe meeting at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Bournemouth, UK Monday 9 September 2013. Theano, a former University Professor, was an official guest of … Continue reading

For a European antifascist movement before it is too late…

  Monday 14 October 2013, by Yorgos Mitralias The launching press conference of the Greek Committee of the European Antifascist Initiative took place on Thursday 10 October 2013 at the conference hall of the Greek Journalists’ Union. The panel included … Continue reading

Golden Dawn or Golden Twilight?

By Andrew Burgin The arrests of Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos and other members on charges of heading a criminal organisation marks the first serious attempt by the Greek ruling class to crack down on the murderous activities of the … Continue reading

To the Crucible: An Irish Engagement with the Greek Crisis and the Greek Left

A Greek tragedy A monumental drama is playing out before our eyes. It is a true Greek tragedy.  The plot: A society is being pushed to its limits. The denouement is not yet determined, but survival is at stake and prospects … Continue reading

Can the Left Save Greece?

By Yiannis Milios and Yiannis Baboulias For the fifth consecutive year, Greece is mired in deep, morale-shattering recession. In those five years the country’s GDP has plummeted by nearly 20%, and few expect 2013 to bring an improvement. The crisis … Continue reading

Joseph Stiglitz rings alarm bell over austerity

By Tom Ellis Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz rings the alarm bells in an interview with Kathimerini over austerity measures that are driving Europe into a spiral of ever-deepening recession. He says that a debt haircut is crucial for Greece, … Continue reading

A warning from Athens

By Daniel Trilling In Greece, the far right has taken advantage of public anxiety caused by hyper-austerity, stoking xenophobia and violence. But the country’s experience is by no means unique. It’s Saturday morning in Athens and the players are taking … Continue reading

Trading places

By Nick Malkoutzis Commentary on current political situation in Greece by Nick Malkoutzis, Deputy editor of Greece’s daily English language newspaper, Kathimerini: What a delicious irony that on Monday – the day that at least one paper carried a headline … Continue reading