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Resistance as Greek bailout demands pension ‘reforms’

   January and February have seen an angry mass campaign of protests, demonstrations and strikes across Greece against the raft of measures proposed by the government to try to meet the WONGA-like demands of the 3rd Bailout European lenders, who … Continue reading

Solidarity needed as much as ever! Affiliate to the Greece Solidarity Campaign!

  The Greek people continue their struggle with European institutions against the suffocating austerity measures, debt and privatisations strangling their country. The Greece Solidarity Campaign won many new friends during the tumultuous events of 2015. The GSC campaigned vigorously in … Continue reading

“We can’t take this anymore!” General Strike against Severe Austerity Measures.

                          A General Strike is taking place across Greece today November 12th. It is the first General Strike since the signing of the 3rd Memorandum agreement with the … Continue reading

Mass Petition to Cancel Greek Debt presented in Brussels.

   Over 100,000 people signed the Europe-wide petition calling for the cancellation of the Greek debt which was presented to Thomas Wieser, Chair of the Eurogroup Working Group in Brussels on November 4th 2015  The representatives of Jubilee Debt Campaign and … Continue reading

Urgent – Last Chance to Sign The Greek Debt Petition

The Europe-wide petition  calling for a European Conference to agree Debt Cancellation for Greece and other countries which was launched by 42 organisations in 14 countries will be presented to the President of the European Council’s Eurogroup Working Group on November 4th.  … Continue reading

Solidarity needed as Greece goes to polls again

As Alexis Tsipras resigns , Syriza splits, a new Popular Unity Party is formed by ex-Syriza MPs and a general election is called for September 20th, the ravages of the most extreme austerity measures in Europe imposed on the people of Greece remain. … Continue reading

Sudden End to Humanitarian Success for Refugees and Volunteers on the Island of Kos

  Report by Jane Deighton on her visit to Kos, 12th August 2015 Sudden end to humanitarian success for Kos refugees and volunteers Kos volunteers’ high risk strategy this week forced the local Government to take responsibility for feeding the … Continue reading

Medical Aid for Greece Fund-Raising Dinner

The Greece Solidarity Campaign Invite You to Our 2015 Fund-Raising Dinner Friday September 18th 2015 7.30pm Cypriot Centre, Earlham Grove, Wood Green N22 5HJ Fabulous Buffet Dinner! Live Bouzouki Music! A Raffle! Art Auction!* Bring own wine! All proceeds to … Continue reading

Urgent – New Medical Solidarity Crowdfund for Greece

As the Greek people face further extreme hardship, health professionals are urging support for a new crowdfunding initiative to provide urgent healthcare.    Donate here Professor Damian McCormack from The Children’s Hospital in Dublin urges you to support this appeal. STAND … Continue reading

Greece Solidarity Protest at German Embassy, London, July 15th